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Smart Access is the perfect place to stay connected and stay entertained. We are a premium internet cafe located in the heart of the city, offering reliable and secure internet service by our Gigabyte Fiber connection. Our Lan Game Center is also equipped with the latest gaming PCs, so you can compete with friends and explore the world of online gaming.  

  • Ready to play 

  • 6TB m.2 raid0 hdd (lots of games...!!!)

  • AMD RX 6600XT 

  • Gaming Monitor (2560 * 1440P 144Hz)

  • Ultra Wild Mouse Mats covers entire desk.

  • True gigabyte Fiber internet


  • Official Steam for cafe provider in Toronto

Discover world Best System .

You can Feel The Difference...!!!

Smart Access 24 Hour Internet Cafe In Toronto Near you

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SmartAccess Internet Cafe
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