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Smart Access internet cafe in Toronto.


Gigabit network Disk-less boot system gaming center. The most popular cyber Cafe Solutions in all other countries.

Now it's time for us to introduce you The World Best class System. 

We don't use Hard Drive but we use Smart Response Technology (SSD Caching system) instead,  will boost your game to top performance.

Discover The First World Best System in Canada.

We have the newest over 100 games each of the computers

operation to Intel core  Linux server.

  • Virtual reality Ready Gaming computer

  • No need to find computers for certain games

  • No need to wait until update. Daily Update.

  • With unstoppable gaming machines

  • 144 HZ Display monitor

  • Intel I7 /16GB Ram  / GTX 1070 with 29 inch  superwide 2K LED Monitor

  • Ultra Wild Mouse Mats covers entire desk.

  • Play game and watching movie in one screen

  • The best world Class Systems and Fastest internet.


  • Official Steam for cafe provider in Toronto

Discover world Best System .

You can Feel The Difference...!!!




Smart Access 24 Hour Internet Cafe In Toronto Near you

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SmartAccess Internet Cafe
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