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The most effective Top quality Game machine and fastest, safe and secure internet.

  • Printing, Faxing, Scanning, Cd/DVD burning

  • Computer Repair, Smart computer solution for Schools and Enterprise

  • One stop for Cyber Cafe set-up support service

  • Customized network server for home and business level

  • Additional information:

  • $3.00 / Hr computer system time ... !!!

We also have Membership card you could use at any times and it goes by minutes.

We are using a chip card since 10 years ago, the one all financial institutions using nowadays.

Just Safe and secure, protecting your information from any type of harmful attempt on internet.


Express computer system repair service as low as $50.00 with 30days warrenty.

First disk-less system in Canada and customized built server for small to Enterprise Level Support.

For more information, please contact us.


Smart Access 24 Hour Internet Cafe In Toronto Near you

Source by  Youngzsoft Rellser In North America Since 2013

Source by Market2014


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